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In 2015, businesses used 1,136 exabytes (one exabyte – ONE BILLION gigabytes) of cloud IP traffic, and they aren’t slowing down. A report from Statista.com says that global cloud IP traffic is expected to grow to 1,800 exabytes per year by 2017.

With this type of growth, it’s apparent that the benefits of cloud computing are making sense to many businesses around the world, and including many of BNC’s clients.


What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

  • Reduces capital expenditures for server hardware, software, operating system licensing, backup, antivirus and spam protection.
  • Reduces device expenditures by using existing devices
  • Eliminates the need for in-house IT staff
  • Provides fixed-costs for budgeting accuracy
  • Ability for users to access what they need from any device online
  • Enterprise-grade servers and support which provide increased performance and protection
  • Unified operating systems and software versions
  • Business-critical data stored in a safe and secure off-site environment
  • Option for Private Cloud hosting
  • Additional disaster recovery and business continuity protection from off-site hosting


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