At BNC, we get a lot of questions from customers wanting to understand our services as well as how we’re different from other IT consultants. Browse our frequently asked questions below to see if we can answer any IT service questions you might have.

BNC’s focus is on supporting the IT needs of businesses, small or large. Our client base includes most major industries such as energy, construction, medical, legal, or real estate to name a few. BNC has the resources to manage all aspects of your IT framework if you have no internal IT staff or supplement your internal IT staff in tackling projects, handling overflow work, or providing coverage during extended absences.

Most of BNC’s clients are in the 40-100 user space, although BNC has clients with as few as 10 users or as many as 1000.

BNC’s helpdesk is monitored by experienced engineers capable of resolving most workstation problems quickly and efficiently. Clients can expect a call back within an hour of submitting a request. Our helpdesk is staffed and available from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM MST. Our After-hours support is available 24/7/365. A member of our technical staff will respond to your request within 1 hour and be onsite, if necessary, within 4 hours.

Yes, BNC has physical offices in uptown Denver and in uptown Dallas.

Yes, BNC has partner relationships with most major technology suppliers and uses its collective buying power to negotiate and pass on direct savings to its clients. We handle all the logistics hardware and software purchasing, removing the headaches of managing this for our clients. Clients in good standing with BNC have a line of credit of $10,000.

Yes, we can help design and implement a custom disaster recovery and business continuity plan that matches the needs of your business. BNC will start by working with you to document and analyze your critical business applications, current system capabilities, and recovery time objectives (RTO). In addition, BNC will analyze the following areas to determine if any need to be addressed: – Current backup software – Backup job coverage, schedule, and retention – Onsite backup repository (including redundancy) – Off-site replication and retention – Security controls in place for these systems Using this information, BNC will design a solution that addresses all key areas of your environment to ensure your essential systems can continue operating and users have the necessary access to IT resources during a catastrophic event. BNC utilizes several backup and recovery solutions that provide the flexibility and recovery capabilities to meet different objectives, recovery situations, and budgets of our clients.

No, we bill on a project or hourly basis.

Yes! BNC can assist your company or IT department with getting certain projects accomplished and either turn them over to you to manage going forward or provide ongoing consulting and support.

No, BNC engineering and support staff are all full-time BNC employees.

You can cancel at any time. We don’t require long-term agreements.

BNC can provide all types of cybersecurity solutions. Some common solutions include Firewalls, Antivirus, Spam protection, MFA, Security audits, Security Policy Development, Asset Monitoring, and MDM to name a few. Looking for something else? Call us!

BNC has expert experience working with most major software and hardware vendors used in businesses today – far more than we could list here. Give us a call to ask us about anything specific.

Yes! We can help a variety of businesses with the cloud. Whether it’s a small business moving a single server to the cloud, or a major enterprise moving multiple, critical workloads, BNC can help.  

No, with the increase in sophistication of cybersecurity threats over the last few years, we recommend a more substantial level of protection for your environment all the way down to your desktop.

By combining multiple layers of security like multi-factor authentication, malicious email filtering, and intrusion prevention technologies you can ensure your systems and company data remain secure and protected from these evolving threats.

Ransom malware, or ransomware, is a type of malware that prevents users from accessing their system or personal files and demands ransom payment in order to regain access. Theearliest variants of ransomware were developed in the late 1980s, and payment was to be sent via snail mail. Today, ransomware authors demand that payment be sent via cryptocurrency or credit card.

Patch and update your software. Ransomware often relies on exploit kits to gain illicit access to a system or network (e.g. GandCrab). As long as the software across your network is up-to-date, exploit-based ransomware attacks can’t hurt you. On that note, if your business runs on outdated or obsolete software then you’re at risk for ransomware, because the software makers aren’t putting out security updates anymore. Get rid of abandonware and replace it with software still being supported by the manufacturer.

Educate your end users on malspam and creating strong passwords. The enterprising cybercriminals behind Emotet are using the former banking Trojan as a delivery vehicle for ransomware. Emotet relies on malspam to infect an end user and get a foothold on your network. Once on your network, Emotet shows worm-like behavior, spreading from system to system using a list of common passwords. By learning how to spot malspam and implementing multi-factor authentication, you’re end users will stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Invest in good cybersecurity technology. Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response, for example, gives you detection, response and remediation capabilities via one convenient agent across your entire network.

Most businesses leverage the cloud in some way, for some it’s just one application, others may have 100% of their data and applications in the cloud. We can sit down with you and find the right mix for your business.

Cloud Computing provides access to business data and applications from anywhere, at any time, on any mobile device—all at a reasonable price when compared with the cost of hosting servers in-house. The cloud provides small businesses with mobile access to data and helps them be more competitive within their market.

BNC is a certified Apple support provider and proud member of the Apple Certified Professionals network. We specialize in providing Apple/Mac support services to the business community. Our highly trained Apple Certified engineers provide support for all Mac environments as well as hybrid Apple/Windows networks that most businesses employ. We also provide support for all the iOS products your business is using.


BNC is an IT consulting firm that provides the same support services you would typically find with a traditional MSP but charges a simple hourly rate as opposed to a flat fee approach. This gives clients more flexibility over their IT budget and ensures they only pay for what they need. This typically allows IT budgets to go further and ensure it’s used for the most important and impactful needs of the business.

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