Staff Augmentation

BNC stands out from the crowd by offering local, on-site and remote IT support to our customers. That’s why we only operate in local markets to Denver, Dallas, Austin, and South Florida. We understand the importance of on-site, in-person IT support. On top of this, you’ll get a dedicated IT engineer for your company, which means you’ll talk to the same engineer who knows your company’s needs. And you’ll get the best support possible in the shortest amount of time.

Most businesses rely on information technology to keep their companies running at maximum efficiency. As companies grow, your technology needs may change and often they increase over time. Finding the right IT talent for your company poses a set of problems that may be too daunting for anyone outside the field of IT to handle.

Instead of going through the process of interviewing and vetting IT talent for a permanent salaried position, many companies would prefer to augment their staff with an IT engineer from a local, established company like BNC.

Companies prefer this because IT staff augmentation teams are usually more knowledgeable and have a wider range of resources available to them to solve important issues. When hiring a single IT professional, the skillset is usually going to be narrower than a team of engineers.

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