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6 Reasons Your Business Needs the Cloud

Most business owners and managers have weighed the options of using the cloud to simplify IT. Over the last two years, cloud technology has made exciting new strides that increase advantages to businesses – and also allow smaller organizations to use its benefits. Now, reasons to make the leap to the cloud should outweigh any reservations businesses may have.

Here’s how your business would benefit:

1. Increase simplicity, scalability, and performance

Invest in a cloud solution, and see how everyday IT problems fall by the wayside. No onsite servers to deal with, no worries about downtime. A cloud-for-business solution also allows businesses to scale IT infrastructure more rapidly and seamlessly with little effort on your part.

And, you can move client-facing applications to the cloud, so your clients can take advantage of increased uptime and performance, too.

2. Take advantage of new offerings

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (G Suite), and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud (Office 365) all have distinct new offerings that could be the right solution for you, depending on your industry and intended use. You can choose between Basic, Business, and Enterprise solutions. The Enterprise cloud solutions provide a wide array of offerings to keep your business running smoothly. These solutions provide benefits such as storage, search functionality, archiving tools, and more.

Google Cloud and Azure are more similar to one another and thus integrate more easily, but AWS integrates well with VMware.

3. Reduce costs

Rarely is there an opportunity to simultaneously reduce costs and increase value. But migrating to the cloud usually trims upfront capital expenditure and lowers operational cost.

4. Increase productivity

Working in the cloud can also increase productivity and uptime, as well as decreasing your need for outside resources. You may find that lots of business issues you’ve been trying to solve will get fixed by cloud migration. A cloud consulting session can help you identify which pain points might be soothed.

5. Protect your data

How often are you really backing up your data? Do you know what would happen if a natural disaster were to occur in your area, for example? Or, what if your onsite server failed? Would your data be protected, and would you still be able to run your business as usual?

When you use a cloud solution, it’s much more likely that your data would have been recently backed up and safe – and that you would be able to access the programs and data you needed to continue operations.

6. Take it easy

Sometimes, making the decision to change the way that you manage IT can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Not so with switching to the cloud.

Cloud migration can be painless when you work with an IT consulting firm like BNC Systems. Its experts can discuss what you need and what you would gain from selecting a cloud for business solution. Through cloud consulting, BNC experts can then craft and execute a migration plan. No fuss required.

The benefits of cloud technology are many; just think of how migrating the cloud can boost your business, save you time, and bring you peace of mind.



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