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Located in Denver, LTM Plastics is a mid-to-high volume contract molder with a reputation for collaboration, competency, and quality plastic parts. As a Quick Response Manufacturer (QRM), LTM Plastics excels at adapting internal systems for nearly any job, making them an ideal fit for growing companies looking to launch new product lines or stabilize their existing supply chain with a reliable, state-side molder.


With an outdated IT infrastructure, LTM Plastics needed immediate solutions to stabilize, secure, and back up their current IT environment. Their short-term goals included setting up a VPN for secure remote access, implementing reliable data backups, and configuring their ERP system to ensure seamless operation. Additionally, LTM Plastics sought a long-term IT partner to assist with ongoing ERP support, technology consulting, and employee training on new IT technologies.


LTM Plastics got in touch with BNC. To begin with, BNC established a robust VPN solution to ensure secure remote access for LTM Plastics’ employees. Beyond the VPN, BNC implemented a reliable backup solution to safeguard LTM Plastics’ critical data. Regular backups were scheduled to ensure data integrity and quick recovery in case of any data loss or cyber incidents. BNC also helped with configuring and optimizing LTM Plastics’ ERP system. This involved fine-tuning the system settings, ensuring proper integration with existing processes, and providing ongoing support to address any issues that arose.

Beyond the needs listed above, BNC committed to a long-term partnership with LTM Plastics. This included regular assessments to keep the company technologically up-to-date and continuous training programs to ensure employees could effectively utilize new tools and technologies.


The collaboration between LTM Plastics and Business Network Consulting yielded impressive results. Here’s what LTM Plastics had to say about their experience with BNC:

“Business Network Consulting has been a tremendous asset for LTM in our time together. Their technicians have built our networks, helped spec equipment and trouble-shoot the small nuisances that come with living in a digital world. There’s a quiet confidence that comes with doing business with professionals like BNC – they truly make every day easier.”

The setting up of a VPN along with the data backup solutions enhanced the stability and security of LTM Plastics’ IT infrastructure, and the company experienced fewer disruptions and increased protection against potential cyber threats. Regular training and updates helped the company adapt quickly to new technologies, maintaining their competitive edge in the manufacturing industry. The long-term partnership with Business Network Consulting ensured that LTM Plastics stayed ahead of technological advancements.

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The BNC Difference

LTM Plastics Explained:

  • Robust VPN solution
  • Optimized & reconfigured ERP system
  • Implemented reliable backup solution

Charley’s Concrete

“With all the streamlining BNC has helped us create, we’ve gone from being 10 years behind to being on the forefront of technology in our industry.”

Skiles Group

“We needed a reliable solution that allowed us to feel confident in our technology both internally and externally”

Tecon Corporation

“We really didn’t need another fulltime IT person. We just needed someone skilled and reliable, who would always be there to handle the technical issues when we need them to.”