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Tecon corporation


Since 1947, Tecon Corporation has provided real estate development and other property services from a number of offices, including its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.


In January of 2016, Kelly Smith, Tecon’s HR manager, was faced with a dilemma. A company of less than 100 professionals, Tecon Corporation had relied on a single employee to provide IT support for the whole company. When that employee left Tecon to pursue another opportunity, the company did not know where to turn.

Tecon’s desktop computers and laptops were in working order, but the company’s servers and network had not been properly maintained or updated for some time. “Everything we had was just old. Our network could have crashed at any time, and we had no one that knew anything about it,” Smith recalls.

Smith and her management concluded Tecon could benefit from some expert advice to get things up-to-date. They also knew they needed someone to provide regular maintenance and fast, reliable support in case something urgent came up.

“We really didn’t need another fulltime IT person. We just needed someone skilled and reliable, who would always be there to handle the technical issues when we need them to.”


With these criteria in mind, Smith reached out to a trusted business acquaintance of hers who spoke enthusiastically about BNC, spurring Tecon to contact them. Upon learning Tecon was without any IT support, BNC sent an engineer to do an assessment right away. After the assessment, BNC presented a plan to fix the company’s IT infrastructure and equipment. After a quick approval process with Tecon, BNC tackled the project.

“BNC redid all of our servers and networking – just brought it all up to date,” says Smith. “They even handled our off-site backups.” She reports Tecon also contracted BNC for on-going support. Besides regular monthly visits for routine preventative maintenance, the company can call the help desk whenever they have an urgent support request.

“Our main goal was to not get caught without any IT support again. We needed someone competent to upgrade our systems and keep us up and running,” Smith recalls. “We outsourced all of our IT to BNC, and it’s been a very positive experience.”


Across the board, Tecon employees say BNC has been reliable, responsive and trustworthy. Smith touts the fact that she can call the help desk and get an immediate answer and reports that her designated BNC engineer is “fantastic” when he comes on-site to do monthly maintenance.

“Bottom line… They take care of everything,” says Smith. ”BNC is essentially our whole IT department. We need someone competent and reliable we can call at any time, and that’s exactly what we get. We’re very pleased clients.”

The most valuable benefit? For Tecon Corporation, it’s knowing they can concentrate on their main objective—real estate development—without worrying about the state of their underlying IT systems.


In Brief

Real Estate Development

North America

Outsourcing IT Services and Support

The BNC Difference

Tecon Corporation Experienced:

  • An upgraded, worry-free infrastructure
  • A trusted IT partner that listens to its needs
  • Support of an entire IT firm, not just a single in-house employee
  • Reliable monthly and 24/7 on-demand IT support

Charley’s Concrete

“With all the streamlining BNC has helped us create, we’ve gone from being 10 years behind to being on the forefront of technology in our industry.”

Skiles Group

“We needed a reliable solution that allowed us to feel confident in our technology both internally and externally”

Colorado Office of Children’s Representatives

Colorado Office of Children’s Representatives

“BNC really listened to our problems, assessed what we had and what we needed. BNC has a unique ability to really understand our IT needs, then clearly explain our options so we stay in the driver’s seat on IT decisions.”