Why Companies Choose IT Staff Augmentation

Companies are faced with a choice: hire an IT professional onto the staff to handle any of these issues, outsource any IT help to an MSP, or choose IT staff augmentation.  

HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Storage: EHR Management and Security

Every business wants (and needs) secure cloud storage. But it is imperative that businesses working with Electronic Health Records (EHR) can comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provisions if they use cloud storage. HIPAA Rules shield “individually identifiable” Protected Health Information (PHI), with the objective of preventing incorrect use and/or disclosure of […]

Remote Employee Security Issues and Solutions

When the pandemic forced widespread remote work on most companies a couple of years ago, many decisions were made hastily. This period was followed up by more measured considerations, including: How do we make sure that employees remain productive while working off-site? And how do we keep remote employees’ workspaces secure? Business Network Consulting, which […]

Software to Monitor Employee Productivity and Activity

One advantage to having everyone working together in the office is managers’ ability to check in with their direct reports. When everyone is in the same place, it’s clearer if someone is struggling with a task or needs motivational follow-up. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that it’s quite possible for employees to work from […]

Minimum to Maximum: Small Business IT Security

Not all small businesses have the same needs when it comes to cybersecurity. Different factors, such as industry regulations or number of employees, can dictate what’s necessary for you to do. However, there are certain security strategies all small businesses must use to keep their data, their customers, their employees, and their funds safe. Where […]

Cybersecurity: Offense and Defense

You’ve heard the adage, “the best offense is a good defense.” While that may be true in many situations, effective cybersecurity requires both a robust offense and an ironclad defense. Business Network Consulting (BNC), which is an Austin IT provider, approaches cybersecurity from both directions. BNC keeps up on new measures and advancements—which are constantly […]

What is HaaS (Hacking-as-a-Service)?

Hacking has undergone quite a few changes as internet use and technology has advanced over the past two decades. The reputation of hackers has moved from lone wolf attacks to more organized targeting of big companies for massive ransoms that can cripple a company’s operations. The market for hackers to target big companies all over the world […]

Using Azure or AWS for Air Gap Protection

An off-site backup or air gap is a common practice where a company stores their data in a location other than their production space. The advantages of air gaps are that they provide better security and recovery of data in case a set of data is breached or damaged through environmental hazards or by having it ransomed by a hacker.   More recently, hackers are targeting specific companies by […]

Should You Use Azure or a Third-party Option for MFA?

At this point, every company knows it should be using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a low security bar. With MFA, users need to pass two or more verification checkpoints to gain access to a system or software.   Microsoft now provides built-in MFA through Azure AD. It uses security defaults or conditional access policies to require MFA […]

The Future Of Ransomware

The Future of Ransomware Attacks If you’ve been reading the news lately, you’ve probably seen a lot of articles about ransomware attacks causing major business problems—but what are they exactly, and what do they do? Are only large companies susceptible to this cybercrime, or could it happen to anybody? Ransomware is a type of malware […]