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What is HaaS (Hacking-as-a-Service)?

Hacking has undergone quite a few changes as internet use and technology has advanced over the past two decades. The reputation of hackers has moved from lone wolf attacks to more organized targeting of big companies for massive ransoms that can cripple a company’s operations. The market for hackers to target big companies all over the world is expanding, with sites that offer hacked data to sell to anyone who wants to ransom another company’s data if it can be hacked. Security has never been more important for businesses to have in order. This new trend is called crimeware, or Hacking-as-a-Service (HaaS). 

Simple antivirus software is no longer enough to keep data safe. Multiple security measures are required to make sure data isn’t ransomed. Security offense and defense, along with real time alerts for breaches are crucial to preventing a massive data hack that can cost a company time and money.  

Hacking Sites Even Have Monthly Newsletters 

Shattering the myth of completely underground, hidden hacking endeavors, some sites where data can be purchased have monthly newsletters sent out with updates, just like any online business. The boldness of this move is a sign of how mainstream and accessible hacked data is in recent times. The services use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to manage transactions so it’s entirely untraceable and hard to stop these groups before the fact. Security is the best measure a company can take to keep their data safe.  

One example is WebStresser, a HaaS website where hackers sell data to buyers. WebStresser is a part of an emerging market that’s becoming more lucrative by the second. Someone who wants to ransom data doesn’t have to be a hacker themselves, only knowing where to contact a hacking group that will do the work for them, and sell the data to be ransomed later. This is a mainstream trend happening in markets that are less regulated overseas, and attacks are made in the US and other first world countries.  

The idea that a criminal organization can receive a monthly newsletter with the blueprint for future attacks is a new one, but it’s not going away anytime soon. There are dozens of other websites just like it currently in operation, and a steady stream of new platforms being brought online every month. Millions of entities have been hacked in the past few years through sites like these, and the trend will only grow as demand for these services increases.  

Implications For Your Business 

A skilled hacker can find a vulnerability in a common third party program and run targeted checks to see which companies have that vulnerability unchecked. As technology and software grows more common and essential to businesses, so do the exploits that make them vulnerable. The unfortunate reality is that companies take advantage of new software tools to benefit their company, but as time goes on, hackers will find ways to exploit that technology to their advantage.  

The goal of a company is to be on top of their security game with active ethical hacking, regular off-site backups, and up to date security measures as the exploits are discovered. Keeping up with software updates is a first step, but having an expert who knows security and the ways hackers access data is also essential. IT professionals are crucial to keeping data secure at a business to prevent ransomed data.  

Ensure that your business’ posture aligns with industry best practices. Having the right tools in place is good, but also having a plan to take steps in preventing further breaches can save a company a lot of trouble in the long run.  

Since ordering a hacker can be as easy as hiring a virtual assistant, companies need to understand that they are at risk and it can happen to them just like the many companies that are hacked each year. There’s no way to know you’re being targeted until it happens, so expecting an attack and having the right security measures is the best insurance to keep your data secure.  

BNC Can Help 

With new threats emerging to more businesses, BNC and companies like it, are the best defense to preventing ransomware attacks from disabling a business through compromised data and data restoration. Having a solid cybersecurity offense and defense with the help of IT experts, is a smart move in being prepared for attacks like these. BNC is an IT consulting firm in Dallas, Austin, and Denver offering local and remote IT services to businesses in the area. Get in touch with us today to learn more.  



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