Professional Services IT Consulting

At BNC, we’ve worked with companies across nearly every type of professional services organization. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) are well-versed in providing customized IT solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various professional services. Whether you’re an accountant, a marketing agency, an engineering firm, or a consultant, we have the expertise to support and enhance your IT infrastructure.



IT Support for Accountants

Accountants rely heavily on accurate data and secure systems to manage sensitive financial information. BNC provides specialized IT support to ensure your accounting software and systems run smoothly and securely. Our services include:

  • Software Management: Installation, customization, and support for QuickBooks, Lacerte Pro Tax, and other accounting software.
  • Data Security: Implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive client data and comply with financial regulations.
  • System Optimization: Ensuring your IT systems are optimized for performance and reliability, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


IT Support for Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies need efficient, reliable, and creative IT solutions to deliver high-quality services to their clients. BNC offers tailored IT support to help marketing agencies thrive, including:

  • Application Support: Installation and management of essential marketing tools like Salesforce and Marketo.
  • Collaboration Tools: Implementing and supporting Office 365 and other collaboration platforms to enhance teamwork and productivity.
  • Data Management: Ensuring secure and efficient handling of client data and marketing analytics.


IT Support for Engineers

Engineering firms require powerful and precise IT systems to handle complex projects and large data sets. BNC’s IT support services for engineers include:

  • Software Customization: Tailoring engineering software and tools to meet your firm’s specific needs.
  • System Integration: Ensuring seamless integration of various engineering applications and systems.
  • Network Infrastructure: Designing and maintaining robust network infrastructures to support data-intensive engineering projects.


IT Support for Consultants

Consultants need versatile and reliable IT solutions to manage diverse projects and client interactions. BNC provides comprehensive IT support for consulting firms, including:

  • CRM Solutions: Implementing and managing CRM tools like Salesforce to streamline client interactions and project management.
  • Cloud Services: Offering cloud solutions to ensure data accessibility and collaboration from anywhere.
  • IT Strategy: Developing and executing IT strategies that align with your consulting practice’s goals and objectives.


Certified Expertise Across Platforms

Our team of Mac and PC certified engineers is adept at servicing and customizing a wide range of applications. We understand the unique needs of professional services firms and provide support for:

  • Salesforce: Customizing and managing Salesforce to enhance client relationship management.
  • Office 365: Implementing and supporting Office 365 for seamless collaboration and communication.
  • QuickBooks and Lacerte Pro Tax: Tailoring and maintaining accounting software to ensure efficient financial management.
  • Marketo: Supporting marketing automation with Marketo for effective campaign management.
  • Workday and Cornerstone: Managing HR and talent management solutions to streamline your firm’s operations.

Partner with BNC to enhance your IT infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and stay ahead in your industry. Contact us today to learn more about our specialized IT consulting services for professional services firms.


Why Choose BNC?

At BNC, we are committed to providing top-notch IT consulting services tailored to the needs of medical practices in Dallas and Denver. Our expertise in medical IT ensures that we understand the unique challenges you face and can offer solutions that improve efficiency, security, and compliance. Partner with us to enhance your practice’s IT infrastructure and deliver the highest quality care to your patients.

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