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Prepare for the Unexpected

A recent study from the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council showed that 3 out of 4 businesses are not prepared to handle the loss of corporate data. Data loss can happen for a number of reasons, including security breaches, natural disasters, human error, system malfunctions and more. Having a simple backup and disaster recovery plan will ensure your business is back up running smoothly in no time.

Our business technology consultants can assess your system and let you know how best to prepare for the unknown. We can even help to recover files after CryptoLocker (extortion-based malware) or other ransomware attacks. Even better, let our experts outline the tools that can protect your organization from hacking and other virtual scams before they happen.

​BNC’s experienced security team provides backup and data recovery solutions (both onsite and offsite) for Colorado and Texas businesses, with 24/7 IT support.​

Learn more about disaster recovery or reach out to BNC today to see how we can help build a newer, better IT experience for your company.



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