How To Save Money On Cyber Insurance Costs

How To Save Money On Cyber Insurance Costs

Cybersecurity attacks are increasingly in the news with smaller companies being targeted by ransomware or other attacks. They’re often left with a difficult situation to unpack, costing extra money or damaging their reputation. Cyber Insurance coverage in response has seen an increase as companies look for ways to offset the risk and cost of an attack.   While BNC is not a Cyber Insurance Provider, we … Continued

Choosing The Right Video Conferencing System For Your Business

Since the pandemic began in 2020, businesses have been scrambling to find the best video conferencing software that also makes the most sense financially as well as having the right features. Common Problems with Some Video Conferencing Options  Businesses that use propriety systems like Polycom are often constrained by the closed network systems they operate in, confining capabilities to … Continued

A Smarter Way To Use Google

BNC deals with a variety of challenges facing businesses in staying up to date in their technology and networking solutions. Once people get on that technology, there’s a skillset that’s varied in how we use the web, and there certainly is potential to learn the full capabilities of a powerful tool like Google. The SERP … Continued

What If It Still Happens? Cybersecurity Insurance

You can (and should) take a whole host of cybersecurity precautions for your business. You should set up firewalls, encrypt emails, train users, and constantly update your security strategy. But the most secure networks, the most educated users, the best laid plans: Even those can fail you. Hackers continuously adapt to new circumstances and try … Continued