What If It Still Happens? Cybersecurity Insurance

What If It Still Happens? Cybersecurity Insurance

You can (and should) take a whole host of cybersecurity precautions for your business. You should set up firewalls, encrypt emails, train users, and constantly update your security strategy. But the most secure networks, the most educated users, the best laid plans: Even those can fail you. Hackers continuously adapt to new circumstances and try … Continued

Which Is More Secure: Local Servers or the Cloud?

There’s no one-size-fits-all IT strategy for small- to medium-sized businesses. Conventional wisdom holds that the cloud boasts many advantages, but there are some instances where local servers might be a better choice. Here are some situations where each option is appropriate: When your data needs to be centralized One of the key security advantages to … Continued

Taking Google Searches To The Next Level

As an IT company in Denver, Dallas, and Austin, BNC deals with a variety of challenges facing businesses in staying up to date in their technology and networking solutions. Once people get on that technology, there’s a skillset that’s varied in how we use the web, and there certainly is potential to learn the full … Continued

What Small to Medium Businesses Need to Know About 5G

You’ve probably heard some buzz around the next generation of technology for mobile networks: 5G. You may have given some thought to how that might affect you, personally, anticipating faster speeds when you use your cell phone. But 5G also has the potential to impact the way that small and medium-sized companies do business. Here … Continued