Minimum to Maximum: Small Business IT Security

Minimum to Maximum: Small Business IT Security

Not all small businesses have the same needs when it comes to cybersecurity. Different factors, such as industry regulations or number of employees, can dictate what’s necessary for you to do. However, there are certain security strategies all small businesses must use to keep their data, their customers, their employees, and their funds safe. Where … Continued

Cybersecurity: Offense and Defense

You’ve heard the adage, “the best offense is a good defense.” While that may be true in many situations, effective cybersecurity requires both a robust offense and an ironclad defense. Business Network Consulting (BNC), which is an Austin IT provider, approaches cybersecurity from both directions. BNC keeps up on new measures and advancements—which are constantly … Continued

What is HaaS (Hacking-as-a-Service)?

Hacking has undergone quite a few changes as internet use and technology has advanced over the past two decades. The reputation of hackers has moved from lone wolf attacks to more organized targeting of big companies for massive ransoms that can cripple a company’s operations. The market for hackers to target big companies all over the world … Continued

Using Azure or AWS for Air Gap Protection

An off-site backup or air gap is a common practice where a company stores their data in a location other than their production space. The advantages of air gaps are that they provide better security and recovery of data in case a set of data is breached or damaged through environmental hazards or by having it ransomed by a hacker.   More recently, hackers are targeting specific companies by … Continued