Project-Based Work to Fill the Gaps

BNC’s Project Work Can Fill in the Gaps We’ve seen a lot of CIOs and IT managers struggle with IT projects. They know they should be in the cloud or using better collaboration tools but aren’t sure where to go or find the resources necessary to execute such projects. BNC is the answer. BNC can … Continued

4 Ways Technology Helps SMEs Grow

JWhen you’re running a Small to Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), such as an energy company or tech start-up, it can be really difficult to find technology solutions that fit your specific needs. Often, you either wind up with technology meant for a small business and discover it can’t keep up with your rapid growth, or you … Continued

What Fast Growing Companies Need

Running a fast growing business isn’t easy. It requires the right partners who have proven success in keeping up with rapid growth. Most IT providers either service smaller businesses with small solutions or enterprises with enterprise solutions (with hefty price tags). We understand that some businesses start small and then experience explosive growth. This is … Continued