6 Reasons Your Business Needs the Cloud

6 Reasons Your Business Needs the Cloud

Most business owners and managers have weighed the options of using the cloud to simplify IT. Over the last two years, cloud technology has made exciting new strides that increase advantages to businesses – and also allow smaller organizations to use its benefits. Now, reasons to make the leap to the cloud should outweigh any … Continued

Cybersecurity Is Always Evolving: How Do You Keep Up?

Cybersecurity is a thorny subject. Everyone knows they need to protect their data. Everyone knows spam email can be dangerous. But, because cybersecurity threats are constantly changing – and hackers are always looking for new ways to penetrate defenses – it can be difficult to pin down what, exactly, a responsible company needs to do … Continued

3 Signs You Need a New IT Provider

Are you getting fleeced by your IT provider? You work hard to make your business successful – and so should your IT provider. Here are a few signs that’s not happening: 1. They charge you a flat monthly fee – but you only use a few hours of support a month. What are you spending, … Continued