Single Sign-On: One Password to Rule Them All

Are your organization’s employees and leadership spending a significant amount of time signing in to various applications? You might think it’s not such a big deal to sign in to each app individually – but the time spent can add up. Multiple sign-ins can decrease productivity, cause IT support issues, and even act as a … Continued

IT Consulting for Construction Companies

Construction companies have a specific set of IT needs; logistics at a construction company can be extremely complex! Most are in the process of integrating technology into the way they do business, using applications that can increase efficiency and profits. Because construction companies have different requirements, Business Network Consulting (BNC) has worked to understand what … Continued

Why Updating Apps is Mission Critical

If you roll your eyes when you get notified of software updates then this blog post is for you. Software vulnerabilities give hackers a secret entrance to your device and critical information. Thankfully, software companies are great at patching known vulnerabilities but it’s up to the end-user to update their software in a timely manner. … Continued