What Does Modern IT Look Like?

There was a time, not so long ago, when all IT looked the same: server rooms and desk phones, an on-site IT support person who told you to reboot your computer when something went wrong…you remember. Or maybe you don’t have to remember because that’s your company’s current reality. Now, however, IT can look very … Continued

The Easiest Way to Secure Your Company

When talking to clients about security, it’s typically a balance of convenience and security. If you want convenience, your network may lack in security. But if you want security, your employees may have to jump through hoops to access pertinent data. Thankfully, I’ve found the perfect tool to balance both security and convenience. Duo is … Continued

24/7 Support & On-Demand Help Desk

24/7 Support & Helpdesk On-Demand Who is in charge of your company’s help desk when you go on vacation or take a sick day? BNC can fill in the gaps and provide extra IT support coverage when you and your team need it. Help Desk & Vacation Support Do you have an unmanageable number of … Continued