A Smarter Way To Use Google

Taking Google Searches To The Next Level

As an IT company in Denver, Dallas, and Austin, BNC deals with a variety of challenges facing businesses in staying up to date in their technology and networking solutions. Once people get on that technology, there’s a skillset that’s varied in how we use the web, and there certainly is potential to learn the full … Continued

What Small to Medium Businesses Need to Know About 5G

You’ve probably heard some buzz around the next generation of technology for mobile networks: 5G. You may have given some thought to how that might affect you, personally, anticipating faster speeds when you use your cell phone. But 5G also has the potential to impact the way that small and medium-sized companies do business. Here … Continued

How Smart Companies Align Their Business with IT Solutions

Unfortunately, some companies cross their fingers when it comes to IT solutions. They put minimal security measures in place and hope for the best, putting their employees and clients—and their business as a whole—at risk. But there’s a reason IT solutions are called solutions: They can help organizations to achieve business goals, all while protecting … Continued

Why Your Company Needs A Disaster Recovery Plan

Your company’s data is valuable so keeping it protected and secured should be a top priority in case a disaster hits. Even with increased technology options for companies to improve their data security, there still remains a vulnerability. BNC recommends every company have a disaster recovery plan in place to protect and recover any data that might be … Continued