Case Study: Custom Application Development

BNC was approached by one of our longtime clients came to BNC with a need to assist with their Retail/Warehouse/E-Commerce systems.  Phase One Originally, they just wanted to supplement their onsite inventory by being able to compare items and pricing across a large number of external distributors – allowing them to purchase inventory at the … Continued

Whaling vs. Phishing: When Hackers Go After the Executive Team

Most everyone understands what phishing is: Hackers send an email that disguises their identity. They pretend to be a trusted individual – or a representative from a trustworthy organization – and ask for recipients to click a link or provide sensitive information, such as passwords. When that happens, the hackers can gain access to the … Continued

Are You Prepared? IT Security Services for Your Business

Have you seen the news? A security breach just happened. Customer and client data has been exposed, and the organization is scrambling to right the ship. Every day, it happens to another company. The really large organizations make the news, but those big companies are not the only victims of hacking. Medium-sized and small businesses … Continued