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IT Consulting for Construction Companies

Construction companies have a specific set of IT needs; logistics at a construction company can be extremely complex! Most are in the process of integrating technology into the way they do business, using applications that can increase efficiency and profits.

Because construction companies have different requirements, Business Network Consulting (BNC) has worked to understand what technological adjustments will be most effective in helping them reach their goals. As a company providing IT services in Denver and Dallas, BNC has the chance to work in a variety of industries to provide solutions to companies looking for expert IT support that can show up at their door and make big changes in how they operate, for the better.

Customizing software and applications

Your construction company may work with Enterprise Resource Planning software, such as Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum; Construction Accounting and Project Management software, such as Viewpoint; or Construction and Real Estate Management software, such as Timberline.

These applications can work wonders, organizing projects and saving time and money. But, many construction companies don’t use the software to its full potential – or don’t know how to tailor the applications for optimal performance.

That’s where a company like BNC can really shine. BNC’s consultants listen carefully to a construction company’s requirements and aspirations. Then they apply that information and their knowledge to fully customizing construction applications. You’ll be amazed at how much of a daily difference a customized app makes vs. a general version of software.

Increasing productivity and revenue

Most companies are concerned with increasing productivity and revenue, but the way in which construction companies pursue this goal can look quite different.

For example, your company may be reliant on low-tech methods for communicating with customers and employees. It’s possible that you don’t know what you don’t know: Because of the rapid rate of technological advancement, there are always new ways for you to use technology to save time and increase revenue.

Take a look at the challenge Charley’s Concrete faced. Business was seemingly booming, but they depended on paper orders, which required a lot more driving around than was strictly necessary. They also relied on an out-of-date phone system that made it difficult for customers to easily connect with the contacts they needed to reach.

BNC updated Charley’s Concrete’s internet and phone service, equipped delivery trucks with GPS tracking, and helped turn the office into a “practically paperless” model of efficiency.

Closing tech gaps and addressing concerns

Many companies attempt to apply technological solutions to challenges they face, only to find that the changes they made only partially address problems – or even cause new ones. BNC experts can consult with company leaders and perform a technology audit to figure out where the gaps are and close them.

For example, Skiles Group had goals around technology it wanted to meet in order to provide optimal experiences for its customers. But, people, processes, and equipment all needed improvement. BNC increased security and updated and upgraded systems and software, bringing Skiles Group to a point where its technology was a benefit instead of a barrier.

The construction industry is complex, and construction companies often gain from assistance with technology. BNC can help close tech gaps, increase revenue and productivity, and make the most of the programs designed specifically for construction companies’ needs. Reach out today to schedule your FREE IT services consultation to see how BNC can improve your organization.



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