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How To Know If Your Company’s Hardware Needs An Update

Gone are the days when it was common for computer users had to ration memory and processing power due to software that’s too advanced or taxing on outdated hardware. Yet even with far more advanced computing that goes on today, there are still hardware concerns companies should consider. BNC is one of the IT companies in Denver and Dallas that can help when businesses know they need an upgrade, but don’t know where to start.  Here are some of the signs that your office might need a hardware update.  

Frequent error messages, freezing, and crashing

A computer startup that takes longer than usual and hardware that can’t support new software updates are two common signs your equipment needs to be refreshed. This isn’t necessarily a case of limited disk space but more of a classic situation where the software being created is better suited for a newer, faster, and more advanced system. 

An error message here and there is expected and normal, but when crashes, error messages, and freezing become more common, your business is facing a serious obstacle to productivity and potentially costing you revenue and time.  

Business is running on a legacy system

Legacy software is when software that is essential to your company’s operations has come to the end of its life, and hardware can no longer support it or is compatible at its ideal capacity. An example of this would be trying to run a program made for Windows XP on Windows 10 that hasn’t been updated to work with the newer operating system. 

That’s legacy software, but what are legacy systems? A legacy system is when the hardware and software are both outdated and not working at full capacity. The system is handicapped, and can cause serious issues for business operations. Usually the solution is updating the hardware to fit the ideal software, or even moving to virtual hardware which is becoming a more plausible and common solution to legacy systems. Incidents of legacy systems are more common in industries like finance, banking, healthcare, and transportation.  

Non-compliance with industry standards and policies

The most obvious example of this showing up with healthcare industries where HIPAA compliance is essential, but a more recent example is with Europe’s GDPR regulations that companies are now required to follow. Other policies such as the FDA’s CFR policies in regard to electronic documents in the life sciences, is another example. Violations can lead to serious consequences businesses should be aware of. Getting in touch with an IT company in Dallas or Denver like BNC can help get your office set up for compliance. 

Security breaches are more likely or common

Other than losing company data, a security breach ranks high on the list of threats to a business’ hardware infrastructure. Anything from phishing attacks, whaling attacks, and ransomware can cause serious problems that are paid for with time and money. With ransomware attacks at its highest in years and 62% of organizations becoming victims of an attack in 2019, it should be on the radar of any company looking to prevent computer problems like these, especially since they literally are holding your data and system hostage for payment. This is not even factoring in the cost of halted business operations this can cause. Updated hardware with top of the line anti-virus and security policies, firewalls, and web content filters can be a good defense from such attacks.  

Negative employee feedback

Being aware of how your employees are experiencing your IT infrastructure can provide valuable insights into whether you need an update or not. The users will often become very aware of any snags or issues in a business’ system, and it’s wise for an organization to have a finger on the pulse of what the user experience is like at all relevant levels. 

If your company in Denver or Dallas is looking for a plan to update your company’s hardware with an IT consultant like BNC, you can get in touch via our contact page or give us a call. To learn more about BNC, visit the what we do page or check out some of our frequently asked questions.  

Joe Kelly

Chief Executive Officer, BNC – Joe Kelly founded Business Network Consulting, Ltd. in 1997 and expanded the business to Texas via an acquisition in 2007. Joe has grown BNC to be one of the top 100 privately-held companies based in Colorado and has been recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation for five consecutive years.



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