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How to Get the Most from Your IT Provider

Most IT providers are flexible. They can do as much or as little for your business as you want or need. Communication between vendor and client is critical—but it’s also important that you get the most you can for your money.

Here’s how.

  • Consider value. Don’t just grab for the cheapest service available. There might be a reason they’re less expensive than other reputable companies. Look for quality, and don’t be afraid to ask questions—including those about pricing structure. Greater expertise sometimes leads to larger fees—but less time spent on projects.
  • Ditch the flat fee. Sure, you’ll know what you’re spending at the outset of the project. However, most vendors overestimate the cost for a project, so you wind up spending more. And it’s possible that your project may shift during the process of its implementation. It’s hard to be agile when everything is set in stone.
  • Think strategically. You must know your requirements. What is it that you want to do now, and how will that affect the future? Set your short- and long-term goals. Once you know what you need, consider what skill sets already exist within your company—and which you need some help to attain.
  • Take your time. Do a thorough analysis of potential IT providers’ service models, expertise, and reviews. Meet with a few vendors to see how they approach working with clients and whether their skill set aligns with your needs.

Some vendors may prefer a more hands-off or behind-the-scenes approach, but that culture leaves room for a lot of misunderstanding. Business Network Consulting, which provides IT services in Denver, CO, knows that getting the most from your technology requires expert knowledge and a personal touch.

  • Recognize your role. When you outsource a project, you still need to manage it. Set expectations on both ends—vendor and client—so everyone knows what they’re working toward. Be careful to strike a balance between guiding the project forward and using a heavy management hand. As with most projects, too much management can lead to bottlenecks.
  • Develop rapport. When you’re truly working with experts, you’ve engaged their services because they have knowledge of something you don’t. Working with the right team of experts ensures that you’ll build a relationship on a foundation of trust. It’s helpful to remember that everyone involved in the process has their own personal goals. Getting to know the new people on your outsourced team helps boost morale. It also can lead to easy implementation of future endeavors.

Whether you’re undertaking a big one-time project or need ongoing IT support in Denver, CO, BNC knows what it takes to provide exemplary services tailored specifically to suit your needs.

If you’re just beginning to make your list of potential vendors, learn about how we’re different  from typical IT providers. Then, contact us for a free consultation. We’re more than happy to talk about how we can work together.



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