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How Companies Can Use Microsoft 365 to Improve Productivity

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) is more than a business software solution. All of the usual suspects – Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint – are a part of its suite of services, but there’s also a lot more to it.

Business Network Consulting (BNC), which provides IT support in Dallas and Denver, implements Microsoft 365 for companies and can help you access and utilize its many lesser known capabilities.

Highlighted below are just a few of Microsoft 365’s integrated applications. These features are especially powerful during a time when much of your workforce may be functioning remotely. Whether promoting more effective collaboration or encouraging productivity, Microsoft 365 has a way for workers to join forces and make their work-from-home experiences constructive.


With products such as Forms, Planner, and Power Automate, Microsoft 365 keeps projects from grinding to a halt, even during a time when there may be unexpected hurdles or delays.

Power Automate allows users to create workflows that automate processes, which serves as a time-saver and helps eliminate human error. Everyday tasks can be built into workflows, which permits employees to redirect their focus to higher-level strategy.

Easy document sharing

Maybe your workforce is accustomed to collaboration and feels a bit isolated from fellow coworkers and their input. Document sharing can help ease that issue. Sharing through Microsoft 365’s OneDrive allows authors to simultaneously work on files in real time. This removes barriers to innovation and creates an atmosphere of teamwork.

Speaking of Teams

While there’s may be no substitute for in-person meetings, Microsoft Teams comes in a close second. Teams is a platform accessible to Microsoft 365 customers that facilitates group work through chat and document sharing.

Users can chat in three different ways: voice, video, and text, depending on what’s most appropriate for any given situation. Because Teams is integrated with Microsoft 365, users won’t need to alter the way they work or take extra steps as they share documents or work together on creating reports or projects.

Other powerful collaboration tools

Delve, Yammer, Sway, and Kaizala are all tools made available through Microsoft 365 that ease the way for more seamless collaborations.

  • Delve is an organizational program that gives users quick and easy access to those documents that currently interest them.
  • Yammer is a platform that allows users to reach larger groups of people (or everybody) in your organization (versus Teams, which works best with smaller groups).
  • Sway allows users to create interactive reports.
  • And, Microsoft’s multimedia chat app Kaizala helps remote workers securely connect with just about anyone.

These Microsoft 365 components are but a sampling of what it has to offer. If you have questions about how to harness the power of this technology to keep your business humming during this trying time, BNC can provide IT support in Dallas and Denver.

Though many employees may be working remotely now; Microsoft 365 allows workers to share digital space and recreate an office-like atmosphere – even if they’re sitting at their dining room tables.



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