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G Suite or Microsoft 365: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Productivity programs are at the core of any business’ software strategy. Most professionals need to use word processing, presentation, or email software, for example, in order to do their work.

It used to be that any office manager knew to purchase Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) to take care of those needs. Now, though, there’s another option: Google’s G Suite. Choosing between the two platforms can be confusing because both offer similar programs and have similar pricing structures. But there are pros and cons for both programs; it really depends on how your company prefers to do business.

First, what do companies use these platforms for? Here’s a short breakdown of each choice’s base offerings and what they do:

Microsoft 365Google G SuiteType of Program
WordDocsWord processing
TeamsHangouts, Chat, MeetCollaboration
OneDrive, SharePointDriveFile Sharing

Collaboration vs. features

During the pandemic, collaboration may have become increasingly important for remote workers. If you discover that your workers are experiencing roadblocks to seamless teamwork, you may find that G Suite is the better choice for you. That’s because G Suite was built with remote cooperation in mind and was designed for the cloud. Workers can engage in real-time collaboration with ease.

Microsoft 365 is also cloud-based now, but it was originally built to be installed on local machines, so it may not have the breadth of collaboration flexibility you want.

However, if your employees have need of more powerful and specific features, you may find that Microsoft 365 is the way you should go. For example, people working independently on a document can access more features in Word, including more editing and review choices, than they can in Docs. And, Microsoft 365 has a number of additional (and usually more powerful) apps that integrate easily with its base offering of programs. One such example is MyAnalytics, which can be utilized to improve worker efficiency.

Ease of use

G Suite’s offerings are intuitive, so workers who are new to the programs can ramp up quickly. For example, most people have encountered Gmail as an email program and may find it easier to use than Outlook.

Anything that can be done in G Suite can also be done in Microsoft 365; it may just take a few more steps and a little more training. But, because Microsoft 365’s applications are more powerful and provide a wider range of features than G Suite’s, it’s possible that’s a trade you’ll want to make.

Having trouble deciding?

If you’re not sure which platform is best for how your workers do business, consider contacting Business Network Consulting (BNC) to speak with an expert. They can walk you through the possibilities and help you make an informed decision.

If you need IT services in Dallas or IT services in Denver, BNC provides tailored personal service from true experts. They can help your business run better.



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