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Cloud Solutions for the Construction Industry

The construction industry tends to lag in terms of adopting technology. Partially, that can be because of slim margins; making a big change in the way a company does business has the potential to be expensive. But shifting to a cloud solution doesn’t have to be costly, particularly if company leaders work with experts in implementing cloud solutions.

Business Network Consulting (BNC), which provides IT support in Dallas and Austin, TX, has experts on staff who take the time to fully understand the needs of companies and build the right cloud solutions for the issues they face. These experts have experience working with the construction industry and can introduce you to ideas that will take your business to the next level.

Why cloud computing boosts construction companies

The construction industry works with a ton of data and specs. It also is an industry that needs to be equally capable in the virtual and the actual world. From design to implementation, construction is about collaboration, bringing together information, and streamlining processes for optimal results.

Technology has radically altered the way that the construction industry does business. For example, the use of drones to capture aerial imagery has both reduced expenses and increased accuracy in the planning process. But the use of drones also has created an influx of data; sometimes a single project requires several gigabytes of data just for drone imagery.

That’s tough for a construction company to build for itself. Cloud storage is an easy (and much less expensive) solution.

And it’s not just about data storage. Cloud solutions open so many other possibilities for the construction industry, allowing its companies to be more flexible and efficient by increasing computational power and access.

For example, imagine the savings that would come from virtual check-ins at job sites versus in-person visits. Imagine the way your company might be able to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to your advantage, so you can track tools and equipment, for example. Think of how Building Information Modeling (BIM) might transform the way you work.

All of that is possible when you use cloud solutions.

SaaS and IaaS offerings

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings come together to create a robust new way for the construction industry to work on the cloud.

IaaS provides storage and networking, whereas SaaS provides the ability to access software across the internet, rather than locally. Examples of SaaS used in the construction industry include bidding systems, customer relationship management software, software that tracks LEED scoring, and construction management software. Additionally, design and implementation software can help you be more efficient and save money.

Cloud computing allows those in the construction company to do so much more. It also can help level the playing field for smaller and mid-sized construction companies, which can access more complex solutions without having to outlay a large amount of money.

If you need help architecting a cloud solution for your business, BNC experts can give you the IT support you need in Austin and Dallas, TX. Contact us to set up a consultation and take the first steps.



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