We Found Microsoft Azure to Be an Easy Solution to Several Common IT Problems

Microsoft Azure can be a difficult product to get your head around – because what it does is both simple and complex. In a nutshell, Azure is a cloud computing service, and using it benefits businesses in the same way that choosing any cloud solution does. But, Azure also offers a number of advantages that […]

How Companies Are Overspending On IT Support

Getting Locked In To Long Term Contracts  One of the most appealing aspects of BNC’s business model to our clients is that long term contracts are not a worry. Even with a contract of service that can be customized and adjusted, if it’s too long and it’s not working, then the business is wasting money on a […]

How Companies Can Use Microsoft 365 to Improve Productivity

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) is more than a business software solution. All of the usual suspects – Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint – are a part of its suite of services, but there’s also a lot more to it. Business Network Consulting (BNC), which provides IT support in Dallas and Denver, implements Microsoft […]

Why Teams On Office 365 Is Perfect For Remote Collaboration

With stay-at-home orders recently causing an exodus for businesses to find remote collaboration solutions, mobile accessibility and collaboration are what companies are asking for, along with video conferencing that’s easy to use. Businesses looking for IT services in Denver & Dallas have a few suggested options to choose from. Zoom, Slack, & WebEx are the video conferencing tools companies think of when […]

Single Sign-On: One Password to Rule Them All

Are your organization’s employees and leadership spending a significant amount of time signing in to various applications? You might think it’s not such a big deal to sign in to each app individually – but the time spent can add up. Multiple sign-ins can decrease productivity, cause IT support issues, and even act as a […]

IT Consulting for Construction Companies

Construction companies have a specific set of IT needs; logistics at a construction company can be extremely complex! Most are in the process of integrating technology into the way they do business, using applications that can increase efficiency and profits. Because construction companies have different requirements, Business Network Consulting (BNC) has worked to understand what […]

Why Updating Apps is Mission Critical

If you roll your eyes when you get notified of software updates then this blog post is for you. Software vulnerabilities give hackers a secret entrance to your device and critical information. Thankfully, software companies are great at patching known vulnerabilities but it’s up to the end-user to update their software in a timely manner. […]

Case Study: Custom Application Development

BNC was approached by one of our longtime clients with a need to assist with their Retail/Warehouse/E-Commerce systems.  As a company that provides computer support to the Dallas and Denver markets, BNC stepped up to the challenge in upgrading the new business’ systems for a better IT network experience. Phase One Originally, they just wanted […]

Whaling vs. Phishing: When Hackers Go After the Executive Team

Most everyone understands what phishing is: Hackers send an email that disguises their identity. They pretend to be a trusted individual – or a representative from a trustworthy organization – and ask for recipients to click a link or provide sensitive information, such as passwords. When that happens, the hackers can gain access to the […]

Are You Prepared? IT Security Services for Your Business

Have you seen the news? A security breach just happened. Customer and client data has been exposed, and the organization is scrambling to right the ship. Every day, it happens to another company. The really large organizations make the news, but those big companies are not the only victims of hacking. Medium-sized and small businesses […]