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Are You Prepared? IT Security Services for Your Business

Have you seen the news? A security breach just happened. Customer and client data has been exposed, and the organization is scrambling to right the ship.

Every day, it happens to another company. The really large organizations make the news, but those big companies are not the only victims of hacking. Medium-sized and small businesses are equally at risk – and they’re much less likely to have the security in place that can thwart an attempted hack.

Hiscox, the Chicago-based insurance company, surveyed 4,100 companies, and its findings might not surprise you: Seven out of 10 organizations did not have the necessary security in place to prevent a cyberattack.

If your business is one of those companies lacking adequate security, now is the time to manage your risk to protect both your organization and your clients.

Network Security

Anyone who works at your company might cause a gap in your security armor. Let’s say an employee inadvertently downloads a virus onto his or her smartphone, brings the device to work, and connects to the company wifi. Now what? The consequences could be disastrous. Your entire network could be infected, just like that.

Securing a company network requires multiple tools. Included among them are Duo, a two-factor authentication program that prevents hackers from masquerading as users; Malwarebytes, which does exactly as its name suggests: prevents malware; and Mimecast, an email filtering tool, which can help prevent spam and malicious email from reaching users. These are a few of the tools that BNC uses to help secure company networks.

Security Consulting

Don’t know what you don’t know? BNC can help by providing security consulting. The process involves expert investigation, advice, and execution. BNC’s team examines your company’s current network set-up to discover vulnerabilities hackers could exploit.

Once those vulnerabilities are exposed, it’s only a matter of making a plan to strengthen the weak points. You may need a quick turnaround, have a limited budget, or want to meet specific security goals. BNC can tailor security consulting plans to suit your company’s requirements.

Security Auditing

Your company may be poised to take the next big step: working with Fortune 100 companies or with organizations in industries that have distinct security standards. Because hacking has become so prevalent, those big companies in regulated industries must now prove that the companies with which they work are being held to the same high security standards that they themselves must exhibit.

Small or medium-sized businesses may find it difficult to cobble together and prove that they possess the necessary tight security requirements to meet standards such as HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, COSO, and ISO. If that’s the case, your company’s proposals wind up on the discard pile.

This is a situation where BNC really saves the day. It can provide official documentation demonstrating that your company meets or exceeds whatever security standards are required for your industry. Your company gets a chance to take on those bigger projects with bigger – and more lucrative – clients.

Businesses can’t ignore security services anymore. If your network is vulnerable, it’s only a matter of time before your data gets exposed – and having inadequate security can hold your organization back from growth. BNC can help you reach the next level, securely. Reach out for a free security consultation.



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