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4 Ways Technology Helps SMEs Grow

When you’re running a Small to Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), such as an energy company or tech start-up, it can be really difficult to find technology solutions that fit your specific needs.

Often, you either wind up with technology meant for a small business and discover it can’t keep up with your rapid growth, or you invest in a large enterprise solution that costs big bucks and does much more than you need. Too small, too big: How do you find technology solutions that are just right?

Finding the right technology fit is incredibly important to SMEs. You’re growing fast, so you need to be agile. That includes staying on top of quick changes, retaining clients and employees, and boosting productivity. With the right technology, you can do all of that and be free to ride the wave of growth.

You might find there are certain circumstances in which you need guidance to hit that technology sweet spot. Here are four situations where the right help can give your SME the edge it needs:

Regulations and IT compliance

You can’t do compliance part way. You have to meet the mark every time. When you’re in the medical, legal, construction, finance, or energy sectors, you must reach (or exceed) specific regulatory requirements.

There are a couple of ways that you can go about ensuring that your SME is in compliance: 1) Fret about it non-stop, working with disparate teams of specialists, constantly monitoring your technology and making adjustments, or 2) Sleep soundly, knowing you’ve got a dedicated compliance expert using the latest and most reliable technology to help you meet regulations.

The second choice probably sounds better – and that’s what working with a company like Business Network Consulting (BNC) can bring to you.

Enterprise-level IT Project Assistance

Don’t know how to select software that’s right for your business’ needs? Having trouble deciding between cloud solutions? Customer relationship management systems? Concerned about managing a network across multiple locations, or worried about colocation redundancy?

These are all decisions that could impact your day-to-day operations in a big way. The wrong decision could hamper growth. Consult with experts, such as those at BNC, who are well-versed in all the latest software, to determine the right fit for your particular industry – and your particular business.

Staff Augmentation

BNC gets it. When you’re growing fast, you might bite off more than you can chew. If your IT team is swamped, and you need in-the-moment help to get them back on solid ground, BNC can provide experts to perform as needed.

Or, what if a technology-based project went sideways despite your best efforts? Get it back on track with BNC’s skilled help.

And if you need someone to act as on-call support, BNC can cover that, too. They offer a U.S.-based help desk and 24-hour IT support.

Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Planning

No one likes to think about the threat of disaster. But, crossing your fingers and hoping that nothing happens is not a sound business strategy.

It’s not if, but when, when it comes to disaster recovery. Maybe a natural disaster will take out one of your server locations. Maybe hackers will infiltrate your database.

You need to prepare for the possibility that disaster will strike – and BNC can help you do that. So, if something does happen, your technology – and your business – are all still up and running.

The right technology (and the right guidance) can mean the difference between facing constant obstacles and delays and easy rapid growth. Take advantage of what BNC has to offer and see just how much simpler your SME’s technology issues become.

Reach out today to see how BNC can step in and help your company build a better IT experience that brings results.



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