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3 Signs You Need a New IT Provider

Are you getting fleeced by your IT provider? You work hard to make your business successful – and so should your IT support service. Here are a few signs that’s not happening:

1. They charge you a flat monthly fee – but you only use a few hours of support a month. What are you spending, and what are you getting? Let’s say you pay $3,500 a month for IT support, but only receive an average of six hours of support each month. That translates to $583 per hour. Convert your monthly fee into an hourly rate to see if you’re overpaying.

2. You never see the same face twice. Does a different engineer show up every time someone is needed on site? Do a variety of people only troubleshoot problems remotely? If the answer to those questions is yes, chances are they’re not familiar with your business, systems, or long-term goals.

3. The engineers are newbies. Quality and experience matter – especially when you pay by the hour. It might take 10 hours for an inexperienced engineer to complete a task that an experienced engineer could get done in four. It takes years – even decades! – to develop an in-depth understanding of enterprise-grade networking. And, experienced engineers can look at your current technology, discuss your business goals, and figure out how your technology can scale with your business.

If you’re ready for a new IT provider, let BNC provide you with a free consultation and quote.



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