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While studying at the University of Colorado at Denver, Joe Kelly wrote a business plan for a different type of IT company. He believed businesses that couldn’t justify having a fully dedicated in-house IT resource should still be able to receive top-tier IT support. He also knew that he wanted personal relationships to remain at the heart of his business. Six months after graduation, he began to take action on his plan. Turns out, his idea was something the market had been asking for – and BNC was there to deliver.

Founded in 1997, Business Network Consulting has grown to be the top IT company in both Denver and Dallas. After ten strong years of growth in the greater Denver area, Joe sought out an opportunity to purchase an existing IT company in the Dallas market. The Dallas clientele quickly grew and in 2012 Joe brought on an experienced veteran in the industry, Tim McAndrew, to run the everyday operations of the organization. As other organizations were beginning to move to online support models, BNC remained true to their personal service model, setting them apart from the competition.

Fueled by integrity, passion, and dedication, BNC has achieved incredible success in delivering enterprise-grade IT support and service to small and mid-size businesses in both Texas and Colorado, becoming an innovator in the IT service industry.

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