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BNC Pulse – 24/7 Server Monitoring

IT failures can completely halt or severely hinder business operations for most companies. That’s why it’s so vital to monitor your servers constantly. BNC’s Pulse Monitoring System provides state-of-the-art monitoring with advanced customization, reporting and automation options, and we’ll integrate it free of charge with the purchase of the service.

What’s Monitored:Ensures the Following:
Server UptimeDesignated Servers are online and operational
Server ServicesCritical services are functioning and active
Email ServiceEmail service up up and effectively sending/receiving
DNSThe network is functions internally & externally
Disk SpaceThe voidance of costly disk space crashes
CPU UseageServices are using improper amounts of CPU
Event LogsCritical process have completed and run error-free
Back-up ActivityBackups run and complete fully
Email ServiceSoftware is active and running

BNC Pulse also includes standard alert thresholds, immediate logging and alert notifications sent to BNC personnel, guaranteed BNC response times, and optional environmental monitoring.

Want to know more? Download this fact sheet to find out what else BNC Pulse has to offer.

We also provide 24/7 support for all your IT needs, check out more on our 24/7 support here.

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