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Private Cloud Hosting & Storage

Added protection equals peace of mind.

A recent Gartner survey shows that the private cloud is the most popular cloud deployment model. By 2018, 49% of enterprises will choose private cloud or hosted private cloud as their primary cloud choice.

You can learn more about who has access to your data through public storage in this article by our founder, Joe Kelly.

It’s important to know where your data is stored and who actually owns it. Many free and even subscription based online cloud solutions include disclaimers in their service agreements allowing them the right to determine whether data is offensive or violates copyright or intellectual property law.

In a typical Cloud environment, the provider leverages the computing resources they have across many customers. However, in a Private Cloud scenario, the provider carves out dedicated resources for your environment. They still provide the same backend services (maintenance, updates, etc.) it’s just that your Cloud is private and separate from anyone else’s.

This adds an extra layer of security for your users and data, which can be especially important for industry-regulated businesses.


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